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Whether you’re buying, selling a home, or just looking around, this website is your one-stop shop for everything about the San Francisco Peninsula real estate.

Buying a home

The San Francisco Peninsula is the ideal location for many home buyers. Explore your options and learn more about purchasing residential real estate in the area. Zach Trailer’s home buying guide will show you the ropes, from determining the kind of property you’re looking for to closing the deal.

Selling a home

With plenty of home buyers coming to the San Francisco Peninsula for a piece of the local real estate, opportunities for home sellers are abundant. Learn more about how you can price your home and prepare it for sale. Zach’s home selling guide will help you turn your property into a  dream home destined for success.

Schools in the San Francisco Peninsula

Schools are one of the primary drivers of a community’s local real estate values. Additionally, it’s one of the many deciding factors that can make a home all the more attractive. Learn more about schools in your desired area by checking out our school guide.

Home valuation

Find out how much your property is worth today. Based on current market values and the economic climate in the area, along with other parameters, Zach will give you the figures you’re looking for. If you’re planning on purchasing a certain property, the Zach Trailer Group can also step it to give you a valuation of the property to ensure your investment is worth it.

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