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What is My Home Worth?

Knowing the value of one’s property is a must for every homeowner, regardless of whether you’re just wondering or you’re planning to buy a new home or sell your property in the near future.

Aside from learning about how much a house is truly worth, a home valuation report can help you in other key aspects of homeownership.

  • Price vs. value – Having a home valuation conducted by a professional can help you know and understand the difference between a property’s price and value.
  • Informed decisions – With more insight about your property or the home you’re interested in buying, you’ll be able to make better investment decisions and weigh different real estate opportunities.
  • Realistic expectations – A home valuation done by an independent property can help provide realistic expectations about the home, especially if you’re planning on selling the house soon. This will enable you to determine the best listing price for your home.
  • Dispute settlement – Since a home valuation report is a legally binding document, it can help you settle any disputes you may encounter. In addition, the report can also give you an upper hand on the negotiating table if you’re selling the property.

The Zach Trailer Group knows the ins and outs of the San Francisco Peninsula real estate market. Based on relevant parameters, Zach and his team will give you a detailed home valuation report that will help you decide on the next step to take if you’re buying or selling your property.

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