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The Fogleins

We had been looking for a house for slightly over one year. Actively shopping through all means available to us.

The difficulty? Very discerning tastes! Also a need to be overly certain that we buy what is reasonable. We did not want to overpay just because we knew what we wanted, nor were we looking for that infamous and non-existent steal. We just wanted to find what “we” wanted

In our journey we found “HIM.” Our, unbeknownst to us, soon to be realtor -He was young, but he did not seem to mind working hard for what matter…like us.
We continued on our journey and now with “HIM.” On weekdays, on weekends, and at 9pm he found it, at 9am our papers were ready, and by late afternoon we were speaking of those magical words: “new homeowners.”

It takes a keen person to listen…really listen to his clients. It takes an equally qualified and assertive person to listen to and make the seller confident in their choice to sell to you.
Zach Trailer did this for us and he did this for the sellers, the sellers’ agent, and our loan broker – the whole network involved.

I am certain that without Zach we would not have our dream home. It all truly went quickly when in motion, and he made it all happen. He has been an integral part in our real estate web, leaving no strand untended. We highly recommend Zach Trailer when what “you” want really matters. Thank you so much Zach!

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